Fine Wine since 1946

When Jerome’s father, Albert Gignac first moved from Saint-Etienne, France to New York City, he had just a small amount of his savings, memories of the pre-war vineyards he has lost and a desire to be able to produce the fine wine again.

Just within one year after arriving, Mr. Gignac moved to Milwaukee and founded this winery & restaurant…

Thanks to all of the hard labour and expertise Messier Gignac had put into his venture, to this day his winery remains the best venue in Milwaukee and the whole state of Wisconsin!


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One French adage perfectly highlights what our winery team strongly believes in:

“If there were no French vineyards, life wouldn’t be worth living.”

Our Winery & Restaurant is adored for:



The selection of wines we have here is simply unrivaled… No other winery or a restaurant in Wisconsin has so many red, white or rose wines as we do… Besides offering a plentitude of wines made on the US soil, we also import wine from all the best vineyards from around the world…



Our second biggest asset is our team of professional sommeliers. These are the people selecting which wine will be imported next, which wine will pair to your, e.g., veal steak and which wine will be perfect for any kind of an event you’re buying it for… They are the essence of the wine knowledge and wisdom!



We’re famous for making an impossible: selling the finest wine in the world at the most reasonable prices in the US! That has been made possible thanks to the fact that our owner, Jerome Gignac has established a direct cooperation with a majority of world’s finest wine producers…

The is team worth a thousand cheers…

While our winery founder, Jerome Gignac comes from Nantes, France, a majority of our team is from the US. Nevertheless, Jerome’s and our sommeliers’ expertise is simply unrivaled, both in Milwaukee and the borough… Come and meet our staff members now!

What people are saying about us

I’m a big fan of rose wines, so it’s no wonder that I’ve chosen this wine restaurant as my staple… They have the widest choice of rose wines among any other Wisconsin wineries that I’ve ever been to… And rose is a rare kind of wine!
posted on, TripAdvisor
Whenever I want to treat myself to some kind of a vintage, fine wine, I always find myself at this place. Their selection of red and white wines is simply extraordinary! Never before have I seen a single bottle Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Ste.-Claire in Milwaukee!
posted on, foursquare
As I moved to Milwaukee, WI from the Napa valley in California, fine wine is definitely my thing… I can see nothing wrong with drinking a bottle per week, if it is, for example, a Bartolo Mascarello Barolo or a bottle of good old Oddero Barolo…
posted on, Yelp

Wisconsin Wine Festival 2016

Hopefully, you’re aware, that this year’s Wisconsin Wine Tasting Festival will be taking place at our restaurant.

It’s been a great honor for us, as we’ll be hosting it for the 5th time in a row!

That streak of recognition showcases, that our winery & restaurant is currently the most popular one in Milwaukee…

This year the only change to a traditional event’s roaster will be seen only in the total number of participants.

All the best wineries and producers in the region will come together on this day, celebrating the best wines and choosing the most professional and accurate sommeliers. Wish them all luck!

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Yearly our winery & restaurant hosts dozens of wine-tasting events for clients, as well as competitions for professional sommeliers to try their tongues at… This gallery has media glimpses from each one of them for you to experience…

Our Winery & Restaurant encourages wine lovers and professional sommeliers to apply for a position with us…

If your practical experience is at least 2 years and you can tell a Magnerie Jeantreu from a bottle of a Mellanie Bayrou, then welcome to our team!